Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Carnival

I have a million souls
Not just one or two
The fortuitous spoils of a Wandering Jew

You see:
A piece died the first time I heard my mother cry.
But another grew,                      
When I learnt that God does too.

I broke a piece when I let love go
But I begot another
When love no longer needed an Other.

I lost a piece when I abandoned God
But I found in that space
Myself - Falling into place.

Another faded when I exposed that my parents were human.
But I eventually gained
Realizing myself also human - unrestrained, self-contained.

Burdened by the Lows
Dazed by the Highs
What I ultimately found,                      
That all this - Is a Merry-Go-Round.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Trials and errors
Gamblers and beggars,
Sisyphus relived.

Between bumper cars
And battle scars,
Even angels cry sometimes.

Reborn from the ashes,
Dressed up in Gashes,
We learn to love again.

Survival of the Freeist
Persisting to exist,
I live another day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I see that you're broken
Tired and cold.
I know that you're lonely,
Unconsoled, and only eleven years old.

No place to call home,
No space to breathe,
No one to speak to,
In nothing to believe.

I can't fix the past,
Can't heal the pain.
I can't carry your burden,
Can't justify, nor explain.

But I offer my heart,
An open ear, a gentle touch.
I can keep you company,
When the loneliness is too much.

So let me sit by you
To share our hopes and fears.
Let me cry for you
When you've run out of tears.

For I know the sound of a broken heart,
The tedious timbre of regret.
But even the saddest song,
Sounds better in a duet.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017


I want to ask you a favor
And to try something out with me
Make yourself comfortable in your seats
And breathe in and out soberly

Feel the lungs as they rise and fall
Feel the present
Is it morning, evening, or nightfall?

You see,
There are many theories out there for why it all exists?
Supreme Being, a Big Bang, the Cosmic Catalyst

But what if we were led on a giant goose chase
Our Search for a Truth,
A coup de grace

What if we may never really know

What really goes on, beyond or below,
What if that could be the greatest thought of all
That we are just a part of it all, neither big nor small

What if the point of life is just to be alive, to thrive, to survive, to grow, to bestow
We are all actors, and this is the Show

And we are already doing it
Feel your heartbeat
We’re already completely incomplete

Right now we exist
Right now we reminisce
Right now we choose to insist

And I wonder what the world could look like
We all quit our jobs, go on strike
We’re going on vacation, going on a hike, with mike, he’s got a cool bike

I wonder what it would mean to just be
Without needing to be a cog in some factory
A man without a function
Just breathing is not a malfunction

I want to ask you a favor
And to try something out with me
Make yourself comfortable in your seats
And breathe in and out soberly

I don’t know what is out there
And I don’t know what will be
But I do know that right now
There is you, and there is me

Monday, May 1, 2017

Three Wishes

What is eternity worth
When I can not live today?

What hope can revelation offer
When I've forgotten how to pray?

What can a fortune buy
When a penny has no use?

What solace can fame provide
When life is spent as a recluse?

How long does a moment last
Out of context, out of frame?

Why run towards completion
When you realize it's a game?

I have no use for three wishes
Barely have use for one.

Why focus on the end
When I have only just begun?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I have been at Mt Sinai
I have eaten the fruit,
The Known and the Knower
Masked in a suit.

I am walking on water
Healing the blind,
I am released from Samara
Free from ego, spirit, and mind.

I am the universe
Engaged in a selfie,
An eternal Now
Wondering what could be.

I have visited Zion
Atlantis and Mars,
Seen multiple dimensions
Swam through the stars.

I am crying in Heaven
Laughing in Hell,
I am raptured by riddles
Blinded by your spell.

I have bowled with Ghandi
Had Tea Time with Kant,
Tripped on Watts
Surfed with Ulysses S. Grant.

I've done all this traveling
Without even putting on socks,
I have seen it all
From within my cardboard box.