Tuesday, October 3, 2017


We all have lost a loved one
We all have lost ourselves
We all believed in a North Pole
Filled with Santas and Elves

We all dream for a better tomorrow
Live in a perennial past
We all exist together
Yet I remain - outcast

Singular in motion
Solid in form
A unique snowflake
Lost in a snow storm

Endless in Spirit
Empty in Speech
Grasping for contact
Just out of reach

Past the convention
The shame and the fear
We stare out in space
Is anyone else here?"

Monday, September 25, 2017


Losing faith in rapid succession
Ominous forecasts of a Great Depression
We all need something to believe in.

Crying out to open skies
Downing cocktails of truths and lies
I dream in a city that never sleeps

Man-made or made for Man
Perverted Scam or Divine Plan
O' God where art thou

Does good and evil really exist
Or is it just a game we choose to insist
Because everyone loves a happy ending.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Carnival

I have a million souls
Not just one or two
The fortuitous spoils of a Wandering Jew

You see:
A piece died the first time I heard my mother cry.
But another grew,                      
When I learnt that God does too.

I broke a piece when I let love go
But I begot another
When love no longer needed an Other.

I lost a piece when I abandoned God
But I found in that space
Myself - Falling into place.

Another faded when I exposed that my parents were human.
But I eventually gained
Realizing myself also human - unrestrained, self-contained.

Burdened by the Lows
Dazed by the Highs
What I ultimately found,                      
That all this - Is a Merry-Go-Round.