Sunday, July 20, 2014

Share and Like!

Read my blog! Share it! Like it! What are you waiting for, aren't you aware there are thousands of kids dying daily in Africa due to starvation??????

This seems to be a recent trend popping up recently, especially on all the social media outlets that I use (facebook). Especially with the current events happening, you can't stalk, um, I mean look at your friends embarrassing party pictures without being bombarded. Everyone is sticking their blogs or posts in others faces screaming that if you don't share or at least read, you're at best a bigot. They are here writing essays, changing the world, the least you can you is circulate the salvation. I want to propose a thought. Maybe, just maybe, they're not accomplishing anything. No doubt intentions are golden but can we convince ourselves that it is making a difference?

If you are still reading, you're probably thinking that I am being a hypocrite. It's just as hypocritical as putting advertisement of the asifah online. Using a blog to bash blogging; a bit pretentious don'tcha think? Well hear me out.

I believe that blogging, in theory, can be a beautiful thing. However, as of late, it seems as poignant as youtube comments. If you ever need a good laugh, read youtube comments. Life's biggest issues are resolved there. It's amazing what one can accomplish with about 250 characters, and about half of their words attacking someone's mother. If you want to make a real change, get out of your PJs and get involved. Donate, volunteer, say some tehillim (if you are actually interested in saying tehillim, join the movement dividing it by e-mailing

The beauty of what blogging could be is the exchange of knowledge and opinions. Especially with the fact that media sources are being more and more biased, this is interconnectivity of spreading thought could be a well needed remedy. However, it seems people are only reading other's opinions that are similar to there own. If, G-d forbid, someone comments or writes differently, they are dutifully informed them that they are heading straight to hell. What is the purpose of spreading thought, if you are only interested in hearing your own belief anyway. It's like reading the Huffington Post and feeling assured because on their polls, people have the same thought as you. It is precisely this single-mindedness that leads to people arguing on different matters entirely. Facts become distorted, history become fazed, and this only propagates greater intolerance.

TL;DR Open-mindedness is not finding people who agree with you. It is accepting that people are entitled to their own views, even if they clash with yours. To grant others the same attempt for objectiveness as you give yourself. That we can always grow more if we acknowledge there's more to learn.

And don't forget to share, it's important everyone hears my message ;)