Saturday, April 23, 2016

So the Child should Ask:

Personal Pesach Thought:

Last night, as I was going through the seder – I was trying to catch quick glimpses of the Minhagim and reasons behind the seder within the הערות. One reason that kept on reappearing, and one we are all familiar with, is that “the child should ask.”

But what happens when the child actually asks? What are we supposed to tell them?

Perhaps the Hagaddah is trying to teach us all a lesson how to properly educate our youth 
והגדת לבנך:

One of the big parts of Judaism isn’t that of the answer- but rather the question. One cannot educate those who do not ask, and one will not ask unless they are curious. The youth should look at Judaism as a beautiful, complex mystery. That they should question all the acts we do within our lives, not as an act of rebellion, but rather fascination. That if you want your child to follow in your beliefs – they have to be amazed by your stories as they do a clear star-filled night. That the beginning of change, of growth, is not found within repetition, but within captivation.