Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Snow Globe

Broken Pedestal
Collecting dust
Oh, the little Snow Globe rusts.

Tells a tale,
Great punchline
Alas, not one of mine.

Origin? A blur.
History? Unsure.
No one really asks anymore.

Relic of Once
Filling up space
What if nothing takes its place?

Morpheus Blue
Trying to awake
From seeing sounds for sights sake.

Crash Shattered Glass,
Disgruntled sigh,
Another Snow Globe?! What?When?Why?

Went 720°
Freudian slipped
Woke up still on Theseus' ship

Back seat driver
Took shotgun
Pistol popped; didn't run.

Picking up the pieces
What a sight to see
A million little Snow Globes cradled under me.

Walked 500 miles,
Walked 500 more,
To misquote the Raven: "forevermore"

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Void

Huddled Masses
Peeking Beyond
A white reflection, from within the Koi pond.

Went Sun starring
Gazed too long
The wax wings, were not very strong.

Down the rabbit hole
Pitch black
The Rat Race has a crack.

Free Faller
Space Traveler
Down is but a direction.

A crisp breath
A broken heart
Bittersweet; a tad tart.

The endless tomorrow
The starry sky
All because I just asked why.