Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I have been at Mt Sinai
I have eaten the fruit,
The Known and the Knower
Masked in a suit.

I am walking on water
Healing the blind,
I am released from Samara
Free from ego, spirit, and mind.

I am the universe
Engaged in a selfie,
An eternal Now
Wondering what could be.

I have visited Zion
Atlantis and Mars,
Seen multiple dimensions
Swam through the stars.

I am crying in Heaven
Laughing in Hell,
I am raptured by riddles
Blinded by your spell.

I have bowled with Ghandi
Had Tea Time with Kant,
Tripped on Watts
Surfed with Ulysses S. Grant.

I've done all this traveling
Without even putting on socks,
I have seen it all
From within my cardboard box.

Monday, April 17, 2017


O’ how grand would it be
For me to have my own soliloquy?

To stay restless all through the night
Pondering the mysteries of my plight?

As a hermit runs to his cave
Deeper and deeper digging his grave?

For is it better to know?
                Or better to be?
                Better to have?
                Or better to be free?

Better to peak over to the abyss
Or to cling to the rock of endless-less?

To reign the domain of life as King
The crown jewel – To be Nothing?

For if I am as I think to be
My life will stay as a mystery.

Is it nobler to think?
                Nobler to be?
                Nobler to live?
                Nobler to be free?

Aghast what thoughts my brain doth leap

As I turn myself over to go back to sleep.