Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I see that you're broken
Tired and cold.
I know that you're lonely,
Unconsoled, and only eleven years old.

No place to call home,
No space to breathe,
No one to speak to,
In nothing to believe.

I can't fix the past,
Can't heal the pain.
I can't carry your burden,
Can't justify, nor explain.

But I offer my heart,
An open ear, a gentle touch.
I can keep you company,
When the loneliness is too much.

So let me sit by you
To share our hopes and fears.
Let me cry for you
When you've run out of tears.

For I know the sound of a broken heart,
The tedious timbre of regret.
But even the saddest song,
Sounds better in a duet.